Cowslip is a perennially growing herb that produces oval shaped and finely bristled leaves that form a rosette at the base of the plant. Cowslip has a pleasing, sweet smelling yellow flower marked with orange specks that grow in a cluster on top of a branchless, leafless stalk. Shakespeare referred to the cowslip as many as seven times in his writing. Cowslip is loved so dearly by Englishmen that they claim it is beloved by fairies. Nicholas Culpeper, renowned English herbalist of the 17th century, asserted that any woman who uses a liniment prepared from cowslip or the distilled water of its flower would become even better looking. The root of this herb possesses potent expectorant properties and it stimulates more liquid mucus, thereby facilitating the removal of phlegm from a congested respiratory tract. This herb is recommended for treating persistent coughs, particularly those related to chronic bronchitis as well as mucous clogging. It is also believed that the root of cowslip possesses mild diuretic as well as anti-rheumatic properties and is useful in inhibiting blood clotting. Although the leaves of this herb also possess the same therapeutic properties as the root, their action is less potent. On the other hand, the flowers of cowslip are considered to have sedative attributes and are given to people suffering from insomnia, especially children. In addition, flowers of cowslip are anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic, which makes them potentially effective in treating asthma as well as different allergic conditions.

Cowslip Flower (Primula veris)

  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments Cowslip can provide relief for: • Phlegm • Bronchitis • Insomnia • Skin Conditions • Asthma • Blood Clots (inhibiting)

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