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Cornus Fruit

Cornus Fruit (Shan Zhu Yu) This herb nourishes the liver and kidney and astringes. It is used for nocturnal emissions, spontaneous sweating, sore back and knees, and dizziness. It assists the yang for cases of shock when there has been a collapse of both yang and Qi. It regulates the menses in cases of uterine bleeding and excessive menstruation.Contraindications: Cornus fruit should not be used by those with fire symptoms or those with damp heat and difficult or painful urination.Dose: 3-12 grams

Cornus Fruit

  • Pharmaceutical name: Fructus corni officinalis, Dogwood Berries Properties and Actions: Astringent, diuretic, tonic Properties: Warm, sour. Organ Meridians affected: Liver, Kidneys
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