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(Stigmata maidis, Zea Mays (LINN.) aka - Mothers Hair

Cornsilk originated in Central America and was used by the Inca to treat urogenital infections. Cornsilk is used for bladder complaints because of its cleansing effect on the urea as it circulates. It is also valuable for treatment of renal and cystic inflammation. Cornsilk helps with kidney problems, inflamed bladder, and prostate gland problems. It may be helpful for bed-wetting that comes as a result of an inflamed bladder. With its anti-septic properties Cornsilk rids the body of toxic deposits.

Primary uses: Here are just a few of the maladies Cornsilk may provide relief from:

• Albuminuria
• Kidney Problems
• Urinary Issues/Incontinence
• Heart Conditions


  • Properties: Alterative, Anti-lithic, Anti-septic, Cholagogue, Diuretic, Demulcent, Lithotriptic, Mucilant, Stimulant (mild) Primary nutrients: Silicon, PABA, Vitamins K and B
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