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Coptis Root

Coptis Root(Huang Lian) The anti-inflammatory property of Coptis, because it enters the heart organ meridian, which governs the mind, makes it especially effective with heat conditions associated with nervousness, anxiety, and insomnia. Because it enters the liver organ meridian, it stimulates the flow of bile, relieving damp heat, making it effective for hepatitis, gallstones, cirrhosis, jaundice, and venereal diseases, including herpes simplex. It is also very effective for infections, fevers, conjunctivitis, inflammation, abscesses, and hemorrhage. It enters the stomach organ meridian, which governs the mouth, so it can be used for soothing oral ulcers. In addition, it can be topically applied for scabies and external infections. It is impossible to overstate the wide scope of heat-clearing or alterative properties of this valuable herb, but it is also useful for more serious diseases, from leukemia and cancer to tuberculosis and typhoid fever. PLEASE NOTE: Coptis contains berberine and is similar to North American Goldenseal, for which it can be substituted or used interchangeably.Contraindications: Coptis should be used with caution because of its extreme bitterness. Large doses can injure the stomach.Dose 1-9 grams

Coptis Root

  • Pharmaceutical name: Rhizoma coptidis, Coptis chinensis Properties and Actions: Anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, vasodilator, anti-pyretic, cholagogue Properties: Cold, bitter. Organ Meridians affected: Heart, Liver, Stomach, Large Intestine
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