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Comfrey  Crème
Comfrey Crème, (Symphytum officinale) A.K.A.: Knitbone, Bruisewort, Woundwort.
Comfrey contains allantoin which is a cell proliferant, stimulates new cell growth which increases cell production and thus supports more rapid healing. Comfrey has been used successfully on any part of the body that might be injured. Comfrey (called the knitter and healer) stops hemorrhaging and bleeding. It aids in soothing inflammation and when used as a poultice can be applied to sore breasts, burns, wounds, swelling, and bites. Comfrey should be used externally to promote the healing of sores, muscles, bones and other tissues.

Comfrey Crème

  • Ingredients: Comfrey and Beeswax in an Olive Oil base. Usage: Apply as needed to affected areas, at least twice daily.
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