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Codonopsis Root

Codonopsis Root (Dang Shen) Is used for spleen Qi deficiency that causes a lack of appetite or prolapse of internal organs. It is useful for fatigue and weakness of the limbs and is effective for deficiency of lung Qi that causes shortness of breath or chronic cough. It can be used in small doses when there is an acute illness with an underlying deficiency as long as the acute attack is addressed in the formula used.Contraindications: Codonopsis should be used with caution when there is acute illness.Dose: 9-30 grams

Codonopsis Root

  • Pharmaceutical name: Radix codonopsis pilosula. Properties and Actions: Qi tonic, lowers blood pressure, regulates (raises or lowers) blood sugar, increases number of white and red blood cells. Properties: Neutral, sweet. Organ Meridians affected: Spleen, Lungs

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