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Chocolate Orange Black Tea - Blend
There is a wonderful sense of oneness with the universe, a wholeness of being that only chocolate can produce. Over the years, our insatiable desire for chocolate has led to many thousands of variations and methods for producing new ways to enjoy it. One of the more interesting of these is the chocolate orange. First created in England around 1930, this wonderful treat is produced by infusing pure rich chocolate with the essential oil of fresh oranges. The resulting flavor is divine - rich and chocolaty with taste-bud-tingling undertones of orange. Chocolate Orange Black tea is infused with high-grown Ceylon tea for an intoxicating flavor combination. 

Chocolate Orange Black Tea - Blend

  • Cup Characteristics: Spanish orange highlighted with luscious Belgian white chocolate notes. Infusion: Bright and Coppery. Luxury Ingredients: Black tea, orange & white chocolate pieces, safflower & calendula & sunflower petals, lemon balm leaves and natural flavors.
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