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Chamomile Flower

Chamomile Flower (Anthemis nobilis-Roman). The Greeks called it “ground apple.” Chamomile comes from the Greek words ‘kamai’ meaning “on the ground” and ‘melon’ meaning “apple.” Chamomile is one of the finest nervine herbs there is. It is invigorating and strengthening to the body. It is one of the best herbs both beneficial and important to keep on hand for emergencies. Chamomile is known as a soothing tonic that is a sedative and calmative to use for the nerves. It has been effectively used for menstrual cramps. It is also excellent for bilious fevers and colds. It is reported useful as a remedy for nightmares (especially in children). Chamomile is especially beneficial for a good night’s sleep. Please Note: Chamomile may cause allergic reactions in persons sensitive to ragweed, or the many varieties of chrysanthemum.

Chamomile Flower

  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments Chamomile Flower Powder can provide relief for: Anxiety/Nerves, Cysts (breasts), Insomnia, Menstruation, Sleep

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