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Chai Tea - Blend
Cochin Masala - a blend of coconut, ground red chilies, dal, coriander, and turmeric. Cochin Masala is a cooking staple in Southern India and is used to flavor curries of all sorts. It has been held in high regard throughout the long history of this ancient city and we proudly present this wonderful chai, one of India’s most popular beverages. Traditionally, this chai would be brewed using milk instead of water. The same effect can be had by brewing your tea in the usual fashion and adding warm milk. Brew yourself a cup and be spiritually transported to old Cochin – a truly superb tea.

Chai Tea - Blend

  • Cup Characteristics: Full-bodied tea enhances South Indian masala spices. The finish has cardamom notes peeking out from lively ginger. It is superb with milk and sugar. Infusion: Bright and coppery with golden highlights.
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