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The North American Indians used Catnip ( Nepeta cataria) for its sedative effect on the nervous system as well as for treating colic in infants. The 17th Century herbalist Nicholas Culpeper mentions catnip as a topical aid for hemorrhoids. Catnip relieves pain, prevents spasms, and calms the nerves. It is often used for colds and flu (especially in children) since it produces “perspiration inducing sleep” without increasing body temperature. Catnip will work to quickly overcome convulsions in children. It also helps control restlessness and colic by helping the body rest. It is known as a painkiller because of its calming effect (especially for toddlers and infants). Catnip enemas cleanse the colon and reduce spasms. It improves circulation and it helps to reduce fatigue from muscle exhaustion. Take catnip to reduce swelling, especially under the eyes. Research documents Catnip’s effect on normalizing blood pressure and it is said that putting several drops on the back of the tongue will decrease the desire for cigarettes.


  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments Catnip can provide relief for: •Aches/Pains (Relieves) •Addictions •Bronchitis •Colds/Fevers •Colic •Convulsions/Spasms •Gas •Insomnia/Nervousness
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