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Canadian Breakfast - Black & Green Blend

Canadian Breakfast is a superb fresh morning tea.It has a thick malt and full-bodied character. The Kenyan component gives a floral-like cup and coppery infusion whereas the South Indian component gives a superb, fruity and sprightly flavor with a lovely finish. From Sri Lanka (formerly called Ceylon) we use a January production Dimbula that gives an airy, piquant flavor that opens the blend. Finally, to bring everything together we add some Keemun, which gives a burgundy depth with light oak-y notes.

Canadian Breakfast - Black & Green Blend

  • Cup Characteristics: A superb fresh morning tea. Malty notes from the Assam are joined with flowery touches from Kenya with a delicate wisp of oiliness from Anhui. Infusion: Bright coppery color Antioxidant/Caffeine Level: Ultra High/Medium. Luxury Ingredients: Black tea and green tea.
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