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Buttered Rum Black Tea

Cooks on board fishing schooners would usually make a quick breakfast of dried fish, bread, and whatever else was available on board and provide a hot cup of buttered rum to wash it down with. The warm drink would warm up the men before they headed above deck to begin the day’s work. Not only would the butter add a certain heartiness to the rum, it also gave it a delicious creamy taste that complemented the sweetness of the liquor wonderfully. Buttered Rum blended here with a good strong Ceylon is the perfect drink. Serve it nice and hot with a dash of milk to really bring out the creamy sweetness of this great blend.

Buttered Rum Black Tea

  • Cup Characteristics: The full astringent taste of rum mellowed with a creamy smoothness. Infusion: Bright and Coppery. Luxury

    Ingredients: Black tea, calendula & sunflower petals, and natural flavors.

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