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Brahmi Powder
BRAHMI POWDER (Bacopa monniera) aka - Bacopa, Water Hyssop

Do you ever find yourself in the kitchen without a clue as to why you went in there? Brahmi is a memory enhancer that will erase all your memory problems. It increases the protein movement in the brain, thereby increasing mental alertness. It keeps the mind young and active. This herb also does double duty as a nerve tissue builder, diuretic, sedative and tonic for the heart. It soothes asthma, hoarseness, anxiety, epilepsy, neurasthenia, emotional stress, bronchitis, cough, water retention and joint pain. It is a nervine tonic, diuretic, and sedative. Brahmi has shown to be safe and effective for children (ages 6 and up) with ADHD. 

Brahmi Powder

  • Actions: Tonic, purgative, diuretic, anthelmintic, analgesic Used for preventing: • Neuralgia • Epilepsy • Mental illness • Indigestion/Ulcers/Gas • Constipation • Asthma/Bronchitis • Rheumatic Conditions • Memory Function Preparation and dose: Add powder to warm water, 2 grams per day. Children: 1 gram per day
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