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Blue Vervain
Blue Vervain (Verbena hastata), as with so many other herbal remedies, dates back to ancient times. The root was used for malaria and dysentery in China where they also used the stalk and leaves for blood conditions and for relieving congestion and helping cleanse the body of toxins. Blue Vervain can be helpful as part of a liver cleanse. It is a quieting herb that helps calm coughing and is a natural tranquilizer; a mild laxative, causes perspiration and has the over-all effect of inducing relaxation. One of the best herbs to help alleviate the onset of a cold especially with upper respiratory inflammation; it is also helpful at expelling worms and often works where other remedies fail.

Blue Vervain

  • Primary Uses: Here are a few of the ailments Blue Vervain can provide relief for: • Asthma • Bladder • Bowels • Bronchitis/colds/coughs • Diarrhea • Fevers • Flu • Indigestion • Insomnia • Nervous disorders • Sore Throats (Children) • Worms
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