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Blessed Thistle
(Cnicus benedictus) In the 17th century, herbalist Nicholas Culpeper listed blessed thistle for use in headaches, female complaints and for fevers. In America, the Quinault Indians used the whole plant to create a medicinal for birth control. In Europe, monks grew blessed thistle as a cure for smallpox, which is how it derived its name. Blessed thistle acts to strengthen the heart, and lungs, increases circulation to the brain by bringing oxygen to it which strengthens memory and also aids in liver disorders. Blessed thistle stimulates milk production in nursing women when taken in combination with red raspberry. It is useful for menopausal problems, cramps, painful menstruation, headaches, and is also a female hormone balancer. It helps to reduce and control fevers.

Blessed Thistle

  • Primary Uses: Here are just a few of the ailments Blessed Thistle can provide relief for: Blood Circulation, Blood Purifier, Brain (circulation to), Breast Milk (to enrich), Cancer, Constipation, Depression, Digestive Disorders, Female Problems, Fevers, Headaches, Hormone Balancer, Liver, Menstruation (painful)

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