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Black Cohosh Root Pdr

When flowering, Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) emits a strong aroma that makes it very effective as an insect repellent. The botanical name ‘cimicifuga’ is Latin for “bug repellent.” Black Cohosh is called ‘snakeroot’ by the American Indians because of its efficacy in treating snakebites. It’s also proven its worth for those allergic to bee stings. Black Cohosh is used very effectively for spinal meningitis as it works directly on and calms the nervous system. It promotes menstruation, relieves menstrual cramps and the pains following childbirth. Black Cohosh breaks up mucus and phlegm deposits, soothes local pain and is used for headaches. It contains natural estrogen, the female hormone and is specific for female problems. It helps with hot flashes; it contracts the uterus and increases menstruation when sluggish. CAUTION: NOT TO BE TAKEN DURING EARLY PREGNANCY, EXCEPT IN COMBINATION WITH OTHER HERBS. IT CAN BE USED FOR FINAL WEEKS OF PREGNANCY, BUT ONLY TO EASE/AND OR INDUCE LABOR.

Black Cohosh Root Pdr

  • Primary Uses: Here are just a few of the ailments Black Cohosh can provide relief for: Asthma, Bee Stings, Blood Pressure (High), Bronchitis (Chronic), Childbirth, Epilepsy, Estrogen Deficiency, Fevers, Hormone Balancer, Insect Bites, Lungs, Menstrual Problems and Snake Bites

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