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Atlantico Lime Green Tea
Atlántico Lime is blended using a Sencha-style green tea manufactured in Hunan Province in South Eastern China. This variety was chosen because of its smooth, sweet taste. This tea when cupped has a honey-like finish that balances out the natural lime flavoring beautifully. Interestingly enough, the smoothness of this Sencha comes from the way it is processed. The green tea leaves are plucked from the same plants as black tea but forgo black tea’s fermentation process. Once they are plucked and chosen for green production, the leaves are immediately steamed and bruised either by machine or by hand. They are then pan-fried or basket fired giving the tea its distinctive glossy look and feel. The lack of fermentation, steaming, and firing results in a tea with a fresh and lively character. For a real pick-me-up, try it over ice, it’s fantastic!

Atlantico Lime Green Tea

  • Cup Characteristics: Lively lime flavor virtually explodes from your cup. The freeze-dried lime crisps and lemon peel further the synergy creating an ‘I want another cup' finish. Infusion: Bright, light colored cup. Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, lemon & sweet lime pieces, and natural flavors.
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