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Astragalus Root Prepared

(Huang qi) Qi tonic, immune tonic; Astragalus is the primary herb used in Chinese medicine to tonify the immune system, or wei qu, of the lungs. It is useful for conditions of immunodeficiency that cause spontaneous sweating. It is also used for spleen qi deficiency with symptoms of weak and low metabolism, edema, and prolapse of internal organs, as it raises the spleen yang and qi. It can be used for qi and blood deficiency caused by loss of blood or childbirth.Contraindications: Astragalus should not be used with excess heat or yin deficiency with heat signs. It should not be used when there is stagnation of qi or dampness, especially when there is painful obstruction.Dose: 9-30 grams; much more can be used when indicated.

Astragalus Root Prepared

  • Pharmaceutical name: Membranaceus Astragalus Properties and Actions: Diuretic lowers blood pressure Properties: Slightly warm, sweet. Organ Meridians affected: Lungs, Spleen
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