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Asparagus Root

Asparagus Root (Tian Men Dong). This herb is indicated for yin deficiency of the lung and kidneys when there are signs of false heat because of the yin deficiency. It is used for lung abscesses and hot sputum that may contain blood and is difficult to expectorate. It moistens the dryness of yin deficiency and lubricates the intestines when there is constipation due to dry intestines.Contraindications: Asparagus root should not be used by those with a deficiency of the spleen and stomach when there is cold accompanied by diarrhea. It should not be used for wind-cold cough. Dose: 6-18 grams

Asparagus Root

  • Pharmaceutical name: Tuber asparagi cochinchinensis Properties and Actions: Yin tonic, nutritive, demulcent, expectorant Properties: Very cold, sweet, bitter. Organ Meridians affected: Lungs, Kidneys
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