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Anti-Seizure Blend (1oz)
This formula was created to help prevent or counteract seizures and spasms.

Lobelia, Black Cohosh, Skullcap and Valerian are nervines that help soothe, calm, and nourish the nervous system and are used as relaxants. Skullcap has been found to be a tonic, a sedative, and anti-epileptic. Blue and Black Cohosh, Blue Vervain and Ginger root are ‘alteratives,’ useful in altering body chemistry gradually. They stimulate gradual changes in metabolism and tissue function in acute and chronic conditions and increase overall energy, vigor, and strength. Wood Betony contains glycosides with hypotensive properties, this can relax the nerves and open constricted blood vessels.

Anti-Seizure Blend (1oz)

  • Recommended Doses: Cats: 3 drops Small Dogs: ½ dropper full Medium Dogs: ¾ dropper full Large Dogs: one dropper full 2 times per day. Adapt to personal needs of your animal. Dosage can be increased if necessary. For maintenance/long-term use,reduce dosage to half of recommended intake.
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