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Alfalfa Leaf
ALFALFA LEAF (Medicago sativa) aka - Buffalo herb, Lucerne

Alfalfa is high in Vitamin C; the fresh plant has four times the amount contained in citrus juice. It is rich in vitamin K, which is a friend to women suffering from morning sickness. The leaves contain lots of beta-carotene for a healthy immune system, skin, and internal mucous membranes. Alfalfa is the basis for liquid chlorophyll, with a balance of chemical and mineral constituents almost identical to human hemoglobin. It is used for arthritis, a wide-range of intestinal and skin disorders, liver problems, breath and body odor and even cancer. Alfalfa has shown a natural ability to stimulate and feed the pituitary gland. Many vegetarians use Alfalfa because it is a rich source of B-12.

Alfalfa Leaf

  • Primary uses: Here are just a few of the maladies Alfalfa Leaf can provide relief for: • Arthritis • Asthma • Blood Purifier • Diabetes • Digestive Disorders • Fatigue
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