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(A. membranaceus) A.K.A. Huangi qu, Astragali

Herb of the month. Always something special.

"This is one of the 'must have' herbs to take daily. Astragalus is wonderful for your immune system. I take it every day and I hope you will too. Stay healthy!" - Kathy

Astragalus has shown to be a strong immune-system enhancer herb and superior tonic, aiding in recovery from illness and surgery. It combats fatigue by nourishing exhausted adrenals. It is an adaptogen credited with promoting the long life of the cell. It increases the strength of T- cells. T- cells are the  white blood cells that attack the invaders that cause diseasein the body. It appears to protect healthy cells even when chemotherapy is used. It has shown to increase energy by reducing toxicity in the liver. Astragalus also helps blood pressure, dilates blood vessels and increases endurance to fatigued hearts. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you may experience after trying Astragalus:

                • Relief from Adrenal Exhaustion

                • Lowers Blood Pressure 

                • Strengthens the Immune System 

                • Helps Liver Conditions

                • Aids Prolapsed Organs

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